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Cleantech consulting

There is a broad consensus that our global energy and water supply and demand have to undergo significant changes, if we want to meet the growing need while preserving our global climate and environment. Considerable R&D, investments and management efforts are already underway but more needs to be done; and done more innovative. A paradigm shift from silo thinking and linear models is needed into one that embraces the circular economy and that aims for a grid approach with deep connections to energy, raw material recovery, re-use, the green economy and eco-system services. 

In this exciting but complex setting, Baur Technology has the ambition to contribute to the above challenges in a concrete and results driven manner, based on extensive international experience in converting knowledge and experience into business value and policy development. 

Baur Technology is active in the following crosscutting domains:
  • Circular economy strategy and policy development
  • Innovation development and management 
  • Finance and investment advisory in the green economy
Within these domains, Baur Technology offers the following services:

Circular economy and innovation policy development: 
  • Transition to a circular economy, policy and approach development
  • Macro-economic, societal and environmental impact methodologies
  • Bench-marking green and blue growth potentials
  • Innovation platform policy and approach development
Finance and investment advisory:
In water- & energy sector
  • Investment modelling to match financial instruments and conditions to innovation a/o growth needs
  • Project financial management services in all development stages
  • Fund management services from fund-design to launch to fund operations and exit
  • Financing engineering in illiquid (specific, small) cleantech markets
Water technology innovation:
Re-use and resource recovery & water ICT
  • Cost & revenue modelling
  • Diversified streams policies
  • Economics of effluents, water and energy efficiency
  • Embedded ICT systems and IoT
Clean energy innovation:
Water-energy nexus
  • New economic models beyond energy-only markets v.v. capacity mechanisms
  • Regulation and policy development in the water-energy nexus
  • Energy efficiency and circular economy
Support services - for public/private programmes and funds:
  • Financial, investment & risk advisory implementation
  • Strategic and operational management (conceptualization, (pre-) feasibility studies, finance and investment planning, risk management & analyses)
  • Fund- & project management (due diligence, bench-marking, performance tracking, quality control, asset management, risk management) 
  • Market scans, value chain analysis, and market development scans in clean technology
  • Tendering & contract services (preparation of tender documentation, bid evaluation, contract management)
  • R&D: new economic models in resource-efficiency markets
 Support services - for start-ups / spin-offs in water- and energy sector:
  • Consultancy
    • Strategic and operational management
    • Transitions (lab - start-up - commercial - growth stage)
    • Marketing and sales
    • Investment and finance
    • Joint ventures, partnerships, M&A
  • Linkages
    • Technology marketplaces
    • Financiers and public funding
    • Hubs/clusters development
    • Export and internationalisation

Countries of experience:

  • Europe: European Commission, range of Member States in western, eastern, central, southern regions
  • Emerging countries in Asia and Africa